About UL17

UL17 is an initiative of the South Australian and Queensland Synods and Newlife Uniting Church. UL17 has grown out of the passion, energy and history of a network of evangelical leaders in the Uniting Church (EL250). For more than a decade EL250 has provided annual gatherings for congregational leaders in larger, evangelical Uniting Churches to engage in peer-learning, mutual support and encouragement. 

In 2017, UL17 will be the second President's Ministers Conference for 2017.  This conference will seek to continue to build on the legacy, ethos and theological foundation of El250, aiming to increase its impact for the benefit of the wider Uniting Church and its mission.

UL17 will be a three-day conference featuring worship, plenary input from our special guests, opportunities for peer learning, networking and time to enjoy all Adelaide has to offer.

UL17 is the second of a series of annual Uniting Leaders conferences that seek to grow and develop healthy, growing leaders for a healthy, growing church.

Who is Organising UL17?

Who Is UL17 For?

UL17 is for any lay, ordained or ministry leader in the Uniting Church passionate about evangelism and mission and seeing the church grow healthily. UL17 is focused on growing leaders who in turn help grow local congregations. While open to all, it has an unashamed and unapologetic emphasis on the local congregation.


UL17 is being coordinated by the current EL250 leadership team, consisting of Rev Stu Cameron (Lead Minister – Newlife Uniting Church), Pastor Glen Schweitzer (Pastor – Chapel Hill Uniting Church), Rev Kynan Brookes (Senior Minister – Hope Valley Uniting Church) and Rev Nigel Rogers (CE0/General Secretary – South Australian Synod). The team is also seeking input from Uniting Church President, Mr Stuart McMillian.

UL17 is being hosted by Hope Valley Uniting Church, a large regional worshiping community located in the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide, 20 minutes from the CBD. www.hopevalleyuc.org.au


11am Tuesday, 22nd August 2017 to
Thursday, 24th August 2017
UL17 Conference ends Thursday at 9pm


Hope Valley Uniting Church
1263 Grand Junction Road, Hope Valley SA 5090

Everyone wins when a leader gets better...” - Bill Hybels