Uniting Church President Stuart McMillian, the Uniting Leaders committee and host venue Hope Valley Uniting Church are delighted to welcome you to Adelaide for the second 2017 National President’s Ministers Conference and the second Uniting Leaders conference.

Uniting Leaders is growing leaders to grow the church; leaders who are inspired in their ministry – in congregations and faith communities, workplaces, sporting teams, schools and universities, and a wide variety of other settings.

Uniting Church leaders from across Australia will gather to network, hear from keynote speakers Nancy Beach and Mark Conner, and learn from one another. There will be opportunities to connect, worship, pray and spend time with a diversity of leaders throughout the three days of the conference.


Registration and name tags

Conference registration opens at Hope Valley Uniting Church (1263-1265 Grand Junction Road, Hope Valley) on Tuesday 22 August from 11am.

A welcome lunch will be served at 12noon at Hope Valley Uniting Church.

The conference program will begin promptly at 1pm so please aim to be seated in the church’s main auditorium by 12.50pm.

The registration desks will be operated by Uniting Leaders volunteers (identifiable by their black t-shirts and orange name tags). The desks will be divided according to surnames (A-G, H-N, O-Z) and clearly labelled, but please ask any volunteers if you require further direction.

Upon registering, you will be provided with a name tag, conference booklet and welcome bag. Please ensure you keep your name tag on you at all times during the conference. Your name tag not only helps others to greet you, but provides information about the conference and the location of electives and keynote sessions.

A simplified version of the conference program is listed on the back of your name tag for ease of use. The full program is available at unitingleaders.com.au and in the conference booklet.

Venue Map

The conference booklet included in your welcome bag features a venue map, the venue map can also be viewed online here. It clearly displays the location of key areas at the conference venue, including the bathroom facilities and Welcome Centre.

 Venue Map (click to enlarge)

Venue Map (click to enlarge)


Elective sessions

Delegates will be asked to choose between different elective sessions, which will be held on Wednesday at 2.30pm and 4pm and Thursday at 11am. Electives will be held in the main auditorium and Hub 2. Please refer to the venue map (here and in the conference booklet) for the exact location.

Luggage storage

The conference venue has allocated a secure location for storing luggage. This has been made available for people arriving straight to the venue on Tuesday morning or departing from the venue on Thursday evening. Please ask the volunteers for more information about luggage storage.

Please note: luggage is stored at the venue at your own risk.

Late registrations

If you are unable to attend and register for the conference on Tuesday between 11am and 12noon, please visit the Welcome Centre in the main foyer when you first arrive at the venue.


Free parking is available in the Hope Valley Uniting Church car park at the rear and front of the church building. There is also free parking in the residential streets nearby.

Four disabled parking spaces will also be available on-site at Hope Valley Uniting Church.

Shuttle buses

Shuttle buses will operate between Pilgrim Uniting Church and Hope Valley Uniting Church at the beginning and end of each day.  It is essential that you RSVP if you require the shuttle bus service. RSVP to info@unitingleaders.org.au by COB Friday 18 August.

The shuttle-bus service will pick delegates up from the front of Pilgrim Uniting Church (12 Flinders Street, Adelaide) and deliver people to the Uniting Leaders conference at Hope Valley Uniting Church.

Shuttle times are as follows:

·       Tuesday 22 August: Departing Pilgrim at 10.30am. Returning from Hope Valley at 5pm.

·       Wednesday 23 August: Departing Pilgrim at 7am and 9am. Returning from Hope Valley Uniting Church at 5pm.

·       Thursday 24 August: Departing Pilgrim at 8am & 5.45pm*. Returning from Hope Valley at 3.15pm* & 8.30pm.

*these shuttle bus times will only operate only if there are adequate numbers.


Public transport and taxi services

From Adelaide Airport to the CBD

Those travelling from Adelaide Airport may choose to take a taxi or a $10 shuttle bus to the Adelaide CBD where it is easy to access public transport to the conference venue. There is more information about the $10 shuttle bus here. Taxis are available from the airport taxi rank and will cost approximately $15-$20 to the CBD.

Public transport can also be taken from the airport to the CBD. The airport bus stop is near the taxi rank. The J1 and J1X buses along this route are very regular. To check what times buses are available, please use Google Maps (http://maps.google.com.au) or visit the Adelaide Metro website (http://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/).

From the CBD to the conference venue

Public transport between the Adelaide CBD and the conference venue (Hope Valley Uniting Church) is regular and easily accessible. Most people catching public transport to the venue from the CBD will need to change bus at the Paradise Interchange.

There are many buses that run between the CBD and Paradise Interchange, including the C1, C2, 502 and 541.

The 556 and 557 are the best buses to catch between Paradise Interchange and the conference venue (Stop 38A on Grand Junction Road is right outside the venue).

The amount of time it takes to travel between the venue and the CBD will depend on the amount of time spent waiting at Paradise Interchange.

To check what times buses are available, please use Google Maps (http://maps.google.com.au) or visit the Adelaide Metro website (http://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/).

Taxis between the Adelaide CBD to the main conference venue should cost around $40 per trip, depending on where in the city you are staying. You may want to consider ride-sharing with other conference attendees to cut the cost!

We have compiled the phone numbers of several local taxi services and mini bus providers to assist in your travel. Please give the driver or phone operator the address of the venue: Hope Valley Uniting Church, 1263-1265 Grand Junction Road, Hope Valley 5090.

  • Independent Taxi/Maxi Taxis – 132 211
  • Yellow Cabs/Yellow Mini Buses – 132 227
  • Suburban Taxi – 131 008
  • Des’ Mini Bus – 8440 1600

Emergency Procedures

If there is an emergency evacuation, please follow the directions of the wardens to exit the building safely.

The main evacuation assembly point is located near the bus stop on Grand Junction Road, just outside the front entrance to the church building. The second assembly point is near the playground at the rear of the building.

Please refer to the venue map for the exact locations.

People will be able to seek assistance from volunteers during the conference. In some cases it may be more appropriate to contact emergency services directly on 000.

General information and assistance

If you have a query, look out for the volunteers wearing the black t-shirts and orange name tags. These volunteers will be available to assist you at any point during the conference – ask them anything!

First Aid

A First Aid officer will be on duty at all times during the conference. Please seek out a volunteer if you are in need of First Aid assistance.


Chaplains will be on duty at all times during the conference. If required, chaplains are also available to meet with you in confidence. Volunteers will be able to direct you to a chaplain or you can find their contact phone numbers in the conference booklet.

Bathroom facilities

The main bathroom facilities at Hope Valley Uniting Church are located to the left of the main auditorium. There are more toilets located at the rear of the building. Please refer to the venue map for the exact location.

On-site refreshments

Lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea will be offered each day of the conference (except Thursday afternoon). All meals and refreshments will be served in the main hub.

On Thursday evening, Hope Valley Uniting Church are offering a $10 dinner to be shared at the venue. The cost of this dinner can be paid directly to Hope Valley Uniting Church staff members when you first arrive at the conference.

Tea and brewed coffee will be available during morning and afternoon teas, and on the Thursday evening. Barista coffee and tea will also be available each day for a charge of $3.50 per cup. Upon registration, you may like to purchase a coffee card for $15. This entitles you to five coffees .

Water will be readily available at the venue and a water bottle is included in your welcome bag. Bottles can be refilled by volunteers from the filter tap in the main kitchen.

Please refer to the venue map for the exact location of the main hub and the kitchen.

Dining out and maps of Adelaide

There are a number of cafes, restaurants and other eateries a short drive from the conference venue and within the CBD of Adelaide. Ask any of the conference volunteers or Adelaide locals for eatery suggestions. An Adelaide City map is available here.

Bookshop and stalls

A MediaCom bookshop and Uniting College stall will be situated in the main hall for people looking to further their Christian leadership studies or seeking reading material for during or after the conference. Please refer to the catalogues and the gift offer in your welcome bag after registration.

Audio, Wi-Fi, photographs and social media

Audio of the Uniting Leaders speakers will be available approximately one month after the conference concludes. Audio of elective sessions will also be made available.

Please feel free to take photos and use social media during the conference using the hashtag #UL17 or #UnitingLeaders17.

Please note that there will be no Wi-Fi access provided at the conference venue.

The conference media team will be taking photographs and video footage during the conference. Please advise conference volunteers if you do not wish to have your photograph taken or published.


Worship evening

Worship will commence on Thursday evening at 7pm. Nancy Beach will open the worship with a presentation titled “God’s YES to you”. Worship will be led by Craig Hindman accompanied by the Hope Valley Uniting Church worship team.